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Meta tags include several useful directions for web server, web browser and automated search programs on the Internet ("Robots"). Many search engines analyze the meta-tag and index with the help of it the website.

The first four items of information are most important for search engines. All of the following meta tags have little significance for the inclusion of the site. The use of proprietary product or company names may lead to legal problems and should be avoided.


What Are Meta Tags?

Meta Tag is an important element of HTML. Meta Tag is also called Meta Data Tag. Meta Tag is an important part of SEO - Search Engine Optimization of Website / Blog. Meta Tags together make up the Meta Description. There are many meta tags in Meta Description. Such as Title, Keyword, Description, Author Name, Content Type, etc.

What is Title Tag ?

Title Tag is the main part of Meta Description. Basically the title of the website is in the title tag.

What is Meta Description Tag ?

In the Meta Description Tag, you have to write a short description of your site. It can write 150 - 160 words in the description.This Description Tag is necessary for SEO of your site.

What is Meta Keyword Tag ?

Related Keywords of your website / blog are written in Keyword Tag. As your website is based on Web Development, then you can use HTML for Web Development, CSS for Web Development, Javascript, Bootstrap, Front End, Backend, and many such Web Development Related Keywords.

What is Meta Robots tag ?

There are two types of tags in Meta Robots, one is Follow and the other is

If you do not want to index any page in Google, then you have to use noindex. If you want to index that page in Google, then you have to use index.

If you do not want Google Spider to follow any of your internal and external links, then you have to use nofollow. And to follow you have to use follow.

What is Meta Author tag??

In this meta tag, you can write the name of the author of your post / website / blog. However, these types of tags are optional.

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